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How do you spend your time during a week?

I've read so many differing views on the ideal ratio of how time should be spent during a day or a week to optimize for peak productivity. Does 25 minutes of focus time during a scheduled block make me super productive? I don't know about that - each day is different.

Jay Shetty, the wellness podcaster and author, lays out how to spend time during a week in order to maintain all the relationships in our lives, which seems like a more meaningful aspiration for me.

He proposes that we all need time alone, time together with our significant other, time with our own family and friends and time with collective family and friends. I know that I do not hit each of those areas during each week but I do strive to hit each of those areas during a given month.

How could a specific ratio account for all the different things going on in my life though?

I don't believe there is a hard and fast formula that applies to every one of us that can tell us how we should allocate our time during a week or month for peak happiness, productivity or harmony. We all have different circumstances and within those circumstances, we also have different seasons.

The season will differ for you - Do you have a major change coming soon or that has happened recently? Are there others who require more of your time right now? Do you have more time to be able to focus somewhere and that is new? Is there a major event in the works? Is it just a busy season?

All these things weigh on how you choose or are able to spend your time.

I have written about time this month (more time at work and more time at home) and I have concluded that there is not a magic ratio or number of hours I should spend here or there that magically deliver the results I desire. However, I am not suggesting that you can spend your time however you'd like and get results without the effort.

The areas where you choose to spend the most time should match what you value the most in your current season. If you are purposeful in your pursuit, you will naturally prioritize what's needed in this season.

I set several goals as part of my 90 day plan including hitting a specific number of workouts each week and choosing a financial planner. This season included workouts scheduled on my calendar and interviews scheduled to allocate time to these important goals of mine. In my next 90 day plan, the workouts will stay (win!) but the financial planner will be chosen so my focus will be elsewhere and my time will reflect that.

If it's a hustle season for you at work or in your business, so be it. If you have set some goals to prioritize your relationships and will spend more time there, that's great! Choose your focus and spend your time according to that purpose.

So how will you spend your time during a week? You decide!

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