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What I Am Reading Right Now

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I have a friend who will ask me every time we talk, “what are you reading?”. It's wonderful to have that specific accountability and it keeps me always looking for something to read that I can talk about with him.

Full disclosure: I mostly read non-fiction, business or self-help related books. I might occasionally read fiction in an effort to give my brain a break with lighter reading. Just a heads up.

These first two books are closely related to me and so they made my list together. Several weeks ago, I heard Ed Mylett interview Amy Porterfield on his podcast and it was transformative for me. I have been a listener of Ed Mylett for awhile but Amy's interview felt as if she were speaking directly to me and to what I was working to do with getting my business off the ground. Isn't that the best feeling out there??

I couldn't wait for her book to come out this month and as you can see, it was meaningful and actionable for me. All the post-its! She hammers on the need for entrepreneurs to always be working to grow their email list and she provides a very approachable, tactical way to do that.

Because Ed's podcast with Amy was so perfectly timed for me, I decided to check out his book too. Ed Mylett's latest book is still on my nightstand. I am enjoying it very much. His work is a good choice when I want to be challenged and hear new ways to think about topics in the personal growth space or more. His podcast is impactful and while I am not finished yet, I would recommend this read too.

I have gifted this last book to people because I think Emily P. Freeman has a way of speaking to people, no matter their season of life. In the way therapy, prayer, coaching, a good conversation with a friend or a walk can help you to make space for thinking and processing whatever decision you are pondering, this book does that. Space for pondering and taking action with purpose, even if it is just the next small step, can keep you moving down a path toward something true to you rather than stuck now. I like to know the plan but some journeys just aren't like that. I've read it several times and I get new revelations each time that I do.

I'll make this a recurring post because I think it's always good to hear what other people are enjoying reading and perhaps, it will keep you asking yourself, "what am I reading?".


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