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What's Saving My Life Right Now - Sept 2023

I have done this gratitude practice quarterly for awhile now and last quarter's list seemed to resonate with you all so I'll continue to share here.

Several authors that I follow will pause quarterly and build a 'What's Saving My Life Right Now' list. These lists allow for a simple acknowledgement of what brings joy, relief and fun in life for them in this season.

I picked up the practice and find it so helpful to purposely pause and identify these things for myself - a quick moment of gratitude.

There are not rules here, simply logging things that are helping me win my days and love life. For this season, here's what has been saving my life:

  1. Making quiet time for myself - I have been aware that I need more quiet time for awhile but knowing that you need to do something and carving out the time to do it are quite different things. Evening routine updates are in process to help me get more of this.

  2. Music that feeds my soul - Pretty much anything Ludovico Einaudi performs but especially this

  3. Simplified office work space - This summer, my office space was a working space, big time. I had some projects in process and you could see them all over. I had post-its up on walls, doors and wherever I could find space. It was so helpful for me to see all that. But now much of that is done so I took the post-its down and have cleared the piles. I have put away more and streamlined my work space. It's a visual breath of relief. I start my days with a clean work space and a clean slate and it's saving my life.

  4. Planning Day - I took nearly a whole day and planned out my next 4 months - yes, the holidays! Stand by for more on this - it's life changing. I'll have to share it with you.

  5. One on one time with my boys - So many laughs and little insights gained into their personalities and thoughts. I treasure those opportunities.

  6. This cue that it's time to work - Most mornings, I get my boys on the bus while finishing my cup of coffee and then walk up to my office to continue my day. Some days though, it's time to kick things into gear. Putting a few drops of this oil in my diffuser tells my mind, "we are getting things done today!"

  7. CamelBak Chute water bottle - Lance bought this for me for Valentine's Day and I love it. I love it so much that I bought him the same one. It keeps the water cold forever and I loathe cleaning water bottle straws so it's perfect. This water bottle goes with us everywhere!

  8. Learning this lesson - Maya Angelou writes, "When people show you who they are, believe them." Oprah talks about this briefly and it's helped me to learn and then work to manage my own expectations moving forward.

Consider compiling your own 'what's saving my life right now' list just for yourself or share it with a friend for another way to connect.

Maybe what's saving your life right now might help someone else win their day as well!

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