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Become a 'Student of You' and Reap the Benefits of Personal Growth

Friends, I have written about times in my life where I really made progress on my own growth.  In many instances, those times followed a period where I was focused on things outside of me or very task focused times.  But before I was in a place to grow, I needed to refocus.

Taking the time to refocus though really helped drive some future seasons of dramatic growth.


Doing the work to be more reflective and self aware takes effort.  


I call this effort being a 'Student of You'.  


Not so long ago, I needed a refresh. I wasn't in a place of growth and I struggled to know what would be next for me.


My youngest son was in all-day kindergarten. I was successfully working as a business analyst and project manager in technology. I had met all my personal and professional goals that I defined for my career (many years earlier) but I still had half my career left! 


I didn't want to do more of the same forever - I was looking to define the next challenge and grow.


But at that time, I felt like I couldn't even tell you what my interests were or what about my work got me energized anymore.  My career goals that were set years before, needed retooling.  


No career coach could help me figure out next steps until I took a deep dive into….me.


I was just coming off of a season of prioritizing my kids and everything that comes with that.  I loved that time but as I looked to also move myself forward, I needed to reconnect with what was important to me now.


I was ready to make some changes and challenge myself to grow toward what would be next, even though I had no idea what would be next.


I decided to approach studying me just like I would any other new subject that I needed to learn.


In order to refresh myself, I read blogs, listened to podcasts and connected with others to hear how their career and life stories evolved over time.  


Each time I listened to or read something, I paid attention to what sparked my interest or what didn't.  


I connected with people who were doing things that seemed interesting to me.  I would ask lots of questions and listen. They often asked me questions along the way.  Sometimes, just having someone ask a question opened up a new thought or new subject to pursue.  


All the while, I spent time reflecting and journaling to help collect my thoughts.


What mattered to me in my next season had to be found.  It sounds strange but I had to determine what motivated me again. I had to figure out what excited me now and ultimately what was most important to me for the second half of my career (and life).


Each action moved the needle further for me.


I began to think, "how can I do this better?" and "what could that look like if I tried it?". I explored and then took action.


Are you ready for something new?  


Do you need to do some investment in yourself in order to be refreshed for your work, for your family, for your life? 

Do you want to make intentional changes to develop a new skill or push for a promotion? Do you want to level up your relationships?  

Do you want take steps to live a more healthy lifestyle? 

Do you want to start a business? 

Do you want to be more purposeful in your spiritual life? 

Do you want to have a more organized home?


Do you need to be a student of yourself for awhile?


Get curious and study yourself.  Force yourself to ask some hard questions about where you are currently and what could lie ahead. Allow yourself to dream….and then act.


Growth requires you to take action.


  • Find an accountability partner  

  • Get a journal and use it  

  • Take an online class for something that sparks your interest

  • Listen to a podcast on a new subject 

  • Ask someone who is already doing something that you want to do to meet for coffee and study them

  • Add specific time on your calendar in the next week to devote to an activity that is an investment in YOU

  • Read a book or blog posts from someone who challenges you or interests you

  • Find a therapist or coach to help you begin addressing places where you might be stuck

  • Get yourself moving - physical activity can get all kinds of new ideas flowing

  • Pull together some pictures or quotes that motivate you and post them around your space to keep growth and action top of mind

  • Ask yourself, "how can I do this better?" and "what could that look like if I tried it?"

  • Act and then reflect, repeat.


Being a Student of You can be hard work. 


But that work can get you on the right path toward something more.  The more data that you can gather about yourself, the better equipped you are to understand what next steps might be.

During my time focusing on being a Student of Myself, I found that many times, just searching and focusing on what I want the future to look like brought me all kinds of new information. You might be surprised what comes up for you when you simply put that energy out into the world. I firmly believe that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

When you are open, new ideas can begin finding you!


The investment in You can lead you to be much more intentional in your growth journey and can touch every area of your life. 


Your growth journey does not require the final destination to be defined or all the steps identified. 


The destination may be unknown and the growth comes as you take just the next step toward it.  


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