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Embrace and Celebrate Your Victories, Big or Small

This year on President's Day, my boys were off of school so after lunch, we headed to a rolling skating rink nearby for open skating.  They absolutely love roller skating and I thought it would be something fun to do on their day off and let's be honest….burn off some energy.


They asked if I would skate with them and I agreed that I would.

My oldest son, Henry, has his own rollerblades so as soon as we arrived, he was off.  Samuel and I waited in line for skates and got all set up.  I planned to skate with him for awhile or as long as I could keep up.  


After about an hour, Samuel was really moving along.  It certainly took more effort on my part to keep up with him AND high five Henry as he flew by.


But then I kept skating.  


Samuel was content with skating beside me or in front of me, as long as he could pretty easily locate me so I just kept skating.  For over 2 hours.


I only stopped because we never changed directions and I was getting a blister on the inside of my right foot.  


Side note: At skating parties, didn't they always have you turn around and go to the opposite direction half way through the skate time??  I was dying to turn around and go the other way but that never happened so I needed to stop.


Also side note: Madonna's Lucky Star will always always take me back to skating party days….


The boys skated the last 20 minutes while I watched and hoped that the blister would not be anything major and disrupt my workout the next morning.


This year, my growth journey has me really focusing on taking care of my body.  That has shown up in many ways like getting to the gym more consistently, eating better, taking some quiet time when I need it, hydrating my body and sleeping more.


I am doing this in an effort to have more energy to be able to give where I want to give, both to the people and things that mean the most to me.


In my reflection time this week, I recognized the skating time for what it was (besides super fun time with my kids) - progress.


I had a blast and I roller skated for the first time in decades AND did it for over two hours!


When we focus here, it's easy to make the scale the focus of progress.  Sometimes your wins when you are working on your body aren't necessarily on the scale.  They show up in other ways. 


So I took the time to think of two more wins that I have realized as part of this season of focusing on taking care of my body.  


Here they all are:

 - Roller skating for more than 2 hours with my boys!

 - Picking up some new weights at the gym.  I am lifting heavier now and that feels exciting.

 - My afternoon slump has pretty much gone away.  You know that 2:00 feeling of distraction and sleepiness?  It's doesn't happen to me now.


I'm not sure if it is because of the workouts or the sauna time or the sleep schedule specifically but that doesn't matter.  I'm not only evaluating my results based on a number on the scale.  


Growth for me in this season, looks like making changes in my life that are now giving me more energy.  Period. 


I hope that you can use these as examples of what progress may look like if your goal is focused on physical wellbeing in this season too.  


What about you? Are you in a season of focusing on a goal? Can you think about progress towards it in other ways as well?

I challenge you to think about the small wins right along with the big ones.  


Celebrate your wins, friends, in any form!

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