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Name Your Season, In Action!

I'm having a bit of an epiphany and thought I'd process it here because maybe it's something you can relate to.  Let's process together ❤


I've been in a bit of a funk this last week - feeling mentally hungover and fatigued, physically aching a bit and less motivated for idea generation.  


It feels like I'm coming out of a season….and subsequently, will move into another.  When?  No idea.  What's next?  Not sure.  So what now?


I'm going to name my last season - I'm calling it ‘big energy’.  You don't actually have to name it but ‘big energy’ feels appropriate here.  Just like naming a feeling helps to give you peace of mind around it, I think naming seasons can do the same.  


I have been sitting with it all this week.  In my reflection, here's what I wrote down.


The season of big energy included:

  • Bringing big energy and action around several big rocks as a business owner

  • Consuming lots of material on all my current projects

  • My mind engaged in all the things

  • Constantly seeking out information and expertise from others

  • Not easily able to be fully present with my family even though I really wanted to

  • Filling up my days with productivity and being exhausted at the end of them

  • Hustling at the gym and getting more protein in my body to fuel it

  • Never enough post-it notes to capture all my ideas

  • Experiencing no joy in cooking

  • Thinking about having more fun but feeling that I have too much to do instead

  • Not giving more to my relationships  


It was a very productive season and one that I loved for so many reasons.  

  • I see that I have the capacity and strength for new thinking.  

  • While I prefer the safety of the known, I can step out and create and maneuver in the unknown.  

  • I can create community with others who have the same values.  


I'm also not going to get down on myself for any of the things that I just called out.  No judgment.  They served me in that season.


Do you see that naming the season (however long it may have been) and seeing it for what it was can free you up for what will follow?  


Here's what I have been doing naturally, that signals to me that my current season is shifting:

  • Napping

  • Tidying my space

  • Savoring any quiet (that may also be because I have two chatty boys…so much talking….)

  • Holding my boys' hands as much as they will let me

  • Loving the challenge my husband brings to taking care of our bodies right now.  It keeps me motivated - um, he goes to the gym 6 days a week…

  • Taking what I can off the calendar

  • Catching up on tasks that I've not had capacity to do

  • Beginning to think and plan a little further out

  • Giving my plants more love

  • Just being quiet with my thoughts and words

  • Finishing little projects here and there

  • Resting

My pace has slowed and these things feel different than the previous season's activities.  


As I think more about what the next season will look like and feel like, I will consider lessons learned from the season of ‘big energy’ but I will not dwell on it.


I wrote a blog post on honoring your season and that is what I intend to do as I wrap one and say hello to another.  

I'm going to sit with it and as I wrote, “Be where you are”.


Your season may not be one of big energy like mine was but you can still recognize when the activities of one season shift and the pace differs - it's the pace of something new that you just haven't named yet.


Take heart.  You will settle into the next season just as I will.  

For now, I'll savor some rest for my mind and body.  I'll consider how the next season can serve me and look forward.


Thanks for processing with me.  I'd love to hear if this resonated with you.

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