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Honor Your Season

Nature's seasons come and go and while we may not be ready for them, we can't help but embrace them as they arrive and settle in.

A few weeks back, I was attending a women's retreat and I noticed a magnificent lilac bush that was very full with blooms. It was so fragrant. Another woman and I noted it as we were walking and she said, 'I wish they would bloom year round'. I agreed but we all know that won't be the case. Lilac blooms only appear for their season. So I will savor them in their season.

Life seasons come and go and we are able to control them just as much as nature's that, we can't.

Currently, I am in a season of:

  • two boys who argue with each other all the time but who also play with each other all the time and also want to be close to where we are most of the time (so we hear all that lovely arguing)

  • reading more and listening to podcasts less

  • working out a lot and making more purposeful food choices for myself and my family

  • learning some new skills in order to keep my business moving forward

  • working with a new therapist to help me keep moving in my grief journey

  • school almost being out and wanting to play more this summer

When I lay my season out here, I'm sure you begin to identify your season too. How is this season treating you?

Both nature's seasons and life's seasons, bring feelings we don't choose but still have to experience.

Some seasons can be short while others take much longer to pass. Some of those things that I listed, I am thrilled to have in this season and others, not as much. But that's not the point, is it?

Pursuing the ideal forces you to either try harder because your season isn't enough or give up because it will never be enough. Instead, live in your season and be content where you are. - Kendra Adachi from The Lazy Genius Way

I know that each time my season shifts, I will spend time journaling and processing with my coach to really gain perspective in order to embrace the change. Maybe you are great at change management and if that is the case, message me please, I could use some tips here.

But what if this is a hard season? How can you savor that? I want to acknowledge that frustration in your current season is real.

It's probably why it takes me some conscious effort to process the change myself. The shift in seasons forces a change in approach to so many things.

Not every season is a welcomed one.

Maybe you don't savor it, but you can still honor it.

Honoring your season doesn't mean trying to make a season be something that just won't fit or look the way you want it to.

Instead, accept the frustration of the current season (if you aren't exactly embracing it) and know that it won't always be this way.

As you move through seasons, look to see how the new season can serve you now or how you can make the most of it now.

Honoring your season can be beautiful though, too - like stopping to smell the lilacs and taking some pictures to remember long after I left the retreat.

Or making this sign for my desk to remind me that it's almost summer and while more structured days may not be the norm in this upcoming season, I want to remember to play with my kids as much as I can. Three weeks and counting!

Be where you are.

This season will come and go but while you are here, honor it and maybe even savor it.

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