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Action Overcomes Fear

Most people get excited for a good challenge like ‘30 days to some specific result’.

I love an an opportunity for a fresh and focused start. What about you?

A challenge or a blitz is designed to provide an opportunity for focused attention on something in your life, in order to fix it, to come at it anew or to move the needle on it.

I needed a little of all of that.

I had been hesitating around my social media presence. Even though I talk and interact with others all day, I prefer to mostly keep my happenings, mine.

While I absolutely knew that putting my messaging out there into the world was necessary and the next step for me, I still analyzed and considered my plan from afar, rather than diving in.

My coach pointed out my hesitation and asked me more about it. Typically, I lean in on something like this.

I felt like I didn't know what I didn't know.

How could I be genuine and still hold boundaries around sharing? What if I didn't know what to talk about there? Would anyone care what I have to say?

What if this? What if that?

It was time to stop analyzing.

Immediately following my coaching session, I made a video, challenging myself to post every weekday on my social media accounts for 4 weeks.

I needed to lean in and engage.

And I did it. (Did you see? I hope you choose to follow me on any of the social media platforms.)

The metrics all showed more engagement, which is really great but that wasn't why I chose to do it.

It all comes down to my fear and risk aversion.

While I am not a natural risk taker, the fear of so many unknowns kept me comfortable but paralyzed.

With a prompting from my coach, I knew that the fear would stick around unless I took steps to begin tackling it. I posted the video for accountability on the commitment I needed to make. I said that I wanted to begin to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Then I posted the next day and the next day…

The action of engaging, even if it was just a quick post, helped me get past my fear of even doing it.

I didn't love posting every time I did it but I no longer feared it.

I loved seeing my messaging out in the world. I loved connecting with more of you. I loved watching a thought that I had become something that I could share in near real time with you.

My self imposed social media challenge prompted me to take action and that action helped me overcome my fear.

That focused attention moved the needle for me and now I look forward to the next challenge I need to take on. Also, I'm still posting every week day so maybe it will move from less scary to just something I enjoy ❤ Who knows?

What about you?

Would you benefit from an opportunity for focused attention to fix something or move the needle too?

Consider a short term challenge to help you move past your fear. Taking action, even the smallest step, can help you overcome your fear.

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