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Movement Supports Creative Flow

Thanks to some new challenges from my empowering community, I am working out 4 mornings a week. That feat seemed unachievable to me a few weeks ago and not something I was prepared to do in 2022.

However, that intense, scheduled movement is exactly what I have needed to support my growth, keep up with my family, harness my creative thoughts and run my business.

There is no shortage of data to back up the physical, behavioral and emotional benefits of moving your body. A google search on 'the benefits of exercise' will return millions of results for anyone to review.

I want to make the connection between how movement can positively drive more creative energy for you.

As I have shifted to entrepreneurship and doing work that is personally meaningful to me, my energy level has naturally increased.

The work that I chose often requires a lot of people interactions. As an introvert (more on that later), those interactions take from my energy.

There's also a creative component to my work that I absolutely adore. Sustaining that creative flow needed to write, market and vision can be challenging.

I already knew most of the benefits of regular movement but wasn't as familiar with how movement could support me in sustaining my creative energy. That finding was surprising to me.

The days where I have made time for my morning workout by far, are my most mentally and creatively engaged days. In fact, I'm not sure there is evidence to support this statement but even the next day, following a workout day, still feels more poised for creative work. Movement supports increased energy and creative flow and I want that for everyone.

So that we are working from a place of shared understanding, let's define flow.

Flow is a state of mind and not necessarily tied to a level of productivity. In flow, a person becomes fully immersed in an activity, completely absorbed and engrossed in their work. While in a flow state, people are highly involved and focused on what they are doing.

In my experience, the time spent in flow does deliver increased productivity but that's not entirely the point. The work becomes nearly effortless and can be sustained.

Fully immersed in an becomes nearly effortless.....don't we all want that?

Science backs the connection of physical activity to increased and sustained creative thinking as well.

Exercise generates, among other things, dopamine, which serves as the feel good hormone and can provide you with the motivation to do something when you are feeling pleasure.

Studies have linked dopamine to cognitive flexibility, one of the main components of creativity in general and of creating thinking in particular.

While regular movement is wonderful for the body, the additional boost to mental clarity and creativity have been game changers for me. Being able to sustain more time in creative flow makes the time I can devote to my passion even more productive.

More movement will spark more energy for you. More movement will help you maintain your flow of creative energy and support new thinking.

What could all that do for your growth journey?

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Amanda Kilgore
Amanda Kilgore
21 abr 2023

Love it!!

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