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Choose Growth: Seek Discomfort

It's week 4 of 2024 and if you have opted to set a new goal or establish a new habit for the year, this is when the rubber really hits the road.

My motto for 2024 looks like this: Have the courage to create the life you want


That isn't a specific goal for me to chase but is instead a driving force in all the goals that I set each quarter for this year.  It's a clear call to action for each goal that I set. 


Mandy, this year, do the hard thing.  

Mandy, this year, do the scary thing.  

Mandy, this year, do the brand new thing.  

Mandy, do the thing.  Every day.


This year, I want to move the needle on creating the life that I really want….not just improve part of it.  


What does 2024 hold for you?  


Week 3 and 4 of January are the weeks where the next step toward your hard thing can really start to be uncomfortable.  


This week, the new thing that you started doing may be taxing on you.  


This week, we are well into January and the scary thing might still be looming.


Your discomfort might take many forms.  I'd love to say that we should all embrace the discomfort.  No pain, no gain, right?


The extra day at the gym and less food intake has made me tired.  The afternoon slump is real and my early bedtimes are a must.  I can't say that I embrace that.  The discomfort that I am feeling though, is me changing into a more fit me.


Taking new steps to explore new work for my business feels like an end point without a plan and each day I uncover the steps to get there.  Let's just say that I like a good plan.  Lack of a plan sometimes unnerves me.  The discomfort that I am feeling around so many unknowns, is me creating something new for my business.


Are you doing something hard? Are you doing something scary? Are you trying something new? Are you establishing a new habit?


Know this, friends:


When your goal requires more from you than you currently know how to manage, that's where growth happens.


And because you have discomfort, you are growing.

As you wrap up this first month of the year, know that the discomfort you feel is the catalyst that is moving you closer to your goal.  


There is value in the discomfort.  This is where the growth happens and where solutions are found.


As you recognize the discomfort that accompanies your process, know that it is guiding you toward your accomplishment.

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