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Embracing Discomfort: How to Kickstart Your Personal Growth Journey

While it's not exactly appealing, it's true that embracing and even seeking discomfort - that's how we get to a place of growth.  


What if you haven't taken a step that you know you need to in order to get started?  


What if you aren't sure what is next for you or what growth would look like?


I have a few suggestions for you.


Tell Someone!


We aren't meant to do life alone.  We are meant to share our desires, wins, challenges and dreams with others in our community.


Tell someone in your community where you are in your growth journey right now.  


Maybe they can see something about your journey that you haven't been able to see.  Their insight may provide clarity.  


Perhaps they can help provide some accountability for you as you start something new.  Their investment in your growth may provide the accountability you need to take action.


Are they great at encouraging?  Their words may lift you up during some of the discomfort that many times accompanies growth.


If you are thinking that your community doesn't contain anyone like this, that can be an area of growth too.  We all need that kind of community.  I wrote about it here - the power of community can be life changing.


Act on Your Words


No one will do the work for you.  Are you moving yourself forward?


Taking action, even the smallest step, can help you overcome your fear of it.  


Taking action, even the smallest step, can help you build momentum when you don't know exactly where you are headed.


Break down your next steps into the smallest possible task that will move you forward and take action.


It may be difficult but we are in the business of doing hard things, no?  Are you taking action toward this goal that you say you really want?  Take a step, any step toward your desired life.


Learn From Others


We will never have all the answers.  Doing new things means learning new things.


Sometimes your existing community just isn't enough to help you there.  Sometimes when we work to grow, we need to solicit the help from outside of our current community.  


Find someone who has already done what you are trying to do. Take their online course, join their social media group or buy them a cup of coffee to pick their brain.  People who win and grow are usually very willing to share what they have learned along the way.  


You may need to hear that your current way of doing things won't work as you take another step in your growth.   


You may need to hear about a totally new idea or an approach that can help you level up, the way that you want to.


Soak it in!  Learn as much as you can from someone who has already experienced that discomfort.  Their experience and expertise can be priceless to you on your journey.




Lastly, have you considered taking targeted action by working with a coach?  I can't say enough how my coaching experiences have helped me in my journey.  


I have worked with three coaches now on very different areas of my life.  


I'm all in.  When I want to tackle something that I know I don't know, I find a coach.  It maximizes my effort.


Having a coach helped me learn quickly that I was limiting my thinking when starting my business and helped me see a much bigger picture.  That was life changing to me.


Even if you haven't gotten to that place of discomfort, don't quit!  Reach out to your community, take the smallest step forward or learn from others.  ​


Your growth journey does not require the final destination to be defined or all the steps identified. The destination may be unknown and the growth comes as you take just the next step toward it.

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