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Follow Your Productive Energy

This month, I set aside some significant time to plan my family's next 4 months (yes, the holidays!). This was the first time that I did it in one sitting. It was immensely helpful to begin planning schedules but also to begin thinking about how I will spend my highest energy season of the year.

This is the time of year that I do the most towards my personal goals. I know this about myself. So I begin planning for it.

Is the fall your most productive season of the year too? Or does the beginning of a new year bring a jolt of energy to tackle projects? It's likely different for everyone.

Is that something you pay attention to for yourself?

If it isn't, try to be aware and notice your energy and productivity throughout the year.

As people who strive for a growth mindset, having this self-awareness is key. Learning to take advantage of your energy can create an opportunity for massive action in an area of your life - planned growth!

Consider the inverse, as well - if you know that a time of year brings a different energy and not a productive one, embrace that - with grace. Plan less and be ok with it.

You know you.

Growth comes from building your awareness and utilizing that to apply in formulating your next step.

For example, let's say that you decide that you would like to get your physical space more organized. (We all think this at some point in our lives, no?)

You can develop your plan to work towards being more organized during the time when you have the most energy to throw at that goal.

If the current season is that time, can you identify the next immediate steps to help you make progress towards organizing your space? Can you block out time for specific tasks? Can you cue up something today that will make things easier when you dive in - cleared trunk space, for instance, for items you know need decluttered and donated? Can you invite a friend over for time to help you go through a space that needs focused attention? Can you block time weekly on your calendar for tasks?

If it isn't this current season, perhaps different tasks can be planned that still keep momentum for the upcoming productive energy.

Set yourself up for success. Follow your productive energy, whenever that is.

Regardless of your specific goal, understanding your productive energy can then help you use it!

This kind of thinking is certainly proactive.

Growth mindset and following your productive energy makes you the driver and not a passenger in your own life.


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