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Self-Awareness + Challenge = GROWTH

Here in this space (all Think GROWTH platforms), I hope to encourage you to develop yourself and level up all the areas of your life.

The way to level up all the areas of your life doesn't look the same for each person though.

Growth comes from a developed self-awareness. It makes personal growth, personal. The more that you know about yourself, the better equipped you are to determine your best next step towards your goals and growth.

The good news: Self-awareness can be developed. That means that we can all work at it. We can all get better at it.

How? To best know yourself and establish more self-awareness, consider these activities:

  • Make time for reflection

  • Pay attention to thoughts and feelings as they come up

  • Journal

  • Ask for feedback from others who know you well and want to encourage your growth

Self-awareness is an asset and a tool that can be used to level up.

The real power comes when you pair that self-awareness with challenge.

It can be any challenge.

The cycle of understanding where you are now in your journey and identifying a challenge to stretch yourself beyond that, creates growth.

I'm also sharing my journey here as I do the same.

I have shared how I recognized that I had some hesitation and fear around my social media presence. To push past my personal fear and level up my ability to communicate with others, I challenged myself to post every weekday for four weeks. Fear….gone.

I want to level up in all my roles, my finances, my spiritual life, my relationships, my personal fulfillment. I want all of that for you too.

Growth never stops, unless you do.

Need to spend some time in reflection to have a good idea of where you stand in some area of your life?

Know where you want to see growth?

Where can you level up?

I want to encourage you to work to develop your self-awareness and challenge you to choose your challenge. Get growing!

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