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What's Saving My Life Right Now - June 2024

Several authors that I follow will pause quarterly and build a 'What's Saving My Life Right Now' list. These lists allow for a simple acknowledgement of what brings joy, relief and fun in life for them in this season.

I picked up the practice and find it so helpful to purposely pause and identify these things for myself - a quick moment of gratitude as we head into summer!

There are not rules here, simply logging things that are helping me win my days and love life.

For the second quarter of 2024, here's what has been saving my life:

1.     Morning quiet time - my mornings are for getting a workout in. I do it at least 5 times a week and I hope to stay the course on that routine. I do take a couple of rest days each week but still get up early to have a cup of coffee and read and write in my prayer journal.

During the time, my husband wakes up and comes down and both the boys wake and sleepily climb on my lap for a hug, which I love. It's quiet though and it has been necessary for me in a busy season.

2.     Being mindful to pray - I'm learning about how to be more mindful and to use prayer more to communicate with God - like I am actually sitting and talking with him. It's a more intimate and connected conversation and it has been saving my life.


3.     Boba tea - Lately, while tracking food and workouts, we have found some alternative treats that still work for us and allow us to meet our goals. On a date night several months back, Lance and I stopped for tea at a boba tea shop. Since then, I've tried a few new things that all give me a sweet treat but don't wreck the meal plan. We have even taken the boys a few times.

My staple right now is iced honey black tea - a little sweet and a little caffeine. It's a welcomed treat.

4.     A new step in my business - I have recently wrapped up what seemed like step 792 in a process to finalize a new area of my consulting services. My small business offers project management, technology consulting and strategic planning services to other businesses in my area. I've added staffing as a service and while it's an opportunity to grow, I am learning a ton along the way.

This last quarter included a major milestone in that effort and I am proud and relieved to have achieved it. We can do hard things, friends.

5.     Following my energy - The next two items are directly tied to the previous one. The all consuming energy that has kept me driven the last 6 months and the relief energy that has come in finalizing that new opportunity are strikingly different.

I was highly motivated every day to move things one step closer to my goal. Now, my energy is different. My heart and mind and body wants to take a breather and so I am embracing that now.

It looks like this: I am giving myself permission NOT to start anything new right now. I pushed hard for months and now, I'm going to let my brain rest without adding something new into the mix for a bit. I'm patting myself on the back and following my energy.

6.     Keeping up is leveling up - While I won't be starting any new major projects for a few, I maintained my workouts during the busy work time and so now, I plan to keep that up. I want to acknowledge though that in your growth journey, sometimes, after setting new routines and getting after it, simply maintaining still means that you are leveling up. I'm continuing to level up by keeping up my workouts.


7.     NOT being on social media - I had to take a break from posting on social media. I was pouring into another project (along with keeping all the other balls in the air) and didn't have the mental space for creating more. I love writing for the blog and the newsletter. It's how I process my real life growth journey in many cases. It makes the reps worth it for me. Something teachable can come from just about every situation. Social media was an effort that I purposely set aside for when I could give it what I desired to.


8.     Following basketball - I have not been a sports fan historically. I usually watch college basketball during the tournament though. It's so exciting! But this year, there was a lot to follow.

This last quarter included some Indiana-specific great basketball for watching and following. Our family tracked the men's college tournament - Boiler Up! We also watched the women's college tournament.

Then Caitlin Clark joined the Fever and the Pacers action this month. It has been fun to follow and made it easier to unplug from work.


Consider compiling your own 'what's saving my life right now' list just for yourself or share it with a friend for another way to connect.

Maybe what's saving your life right now might help someone else win their day as well!

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